Küpeliler integrated cement plant, for about 2 years at the end of the study, start construction work in 2014 obtained all permits Eskişehir /inönü in an area of about 350,000 m2 and the first unit is slated on 3.quarter of 2016.

To be established total capacity planned as 2.000.000 tons/year cement production.
The cement to be produced will be sold in Eskişehir and the environment, including the Aegean and Marmara regions.
On going construction of Inönü Eskişehir cement, will provide raw material needs from their own field with zero shipping.
Factory will have the latest technology, low energy consumption and compliance with the environmental legislations.

For us, quality and trust is very important.
Küpeliler A.Ş. / Always forward with you.