Küpeliler construction since 1993 under the name of the Küpeliler co. is engaged in the construction of the factory in eskişehir and Bursa for the art of providing a comfortable living space for the people and believing that our company is young, dynamic, visionary and innovative perspective to improve himself constantly generate different projects.

Küpeliler co. finally been completed the Arcadia project in Eskisehir tepebasi region located next to the hotel Anemon and construction of 48 luxury housing in 2016, as life started. With the completion of this project, quality and comfort standarts will rise seriously for all projects in our city.

Küpeliler Construction is the name of an institutionalism, idealistic and as a principle, stable, institutionalization of its products, services and added value for their customers and always providing practical solutions for creating diversity.

Küpeliler Construction is to make a new living space for Eskisehir.
Küpeliler A.Ş. / Always forward with you.