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Company Profile

Company Profile

Kupeliler Integrated Cement Factory, which adopts the principle of providing quality, reliable and environmentally friendly products to its customers, making production safely for its employees and the society by complying with national and international standards, and planned as a total capacity of 2,000,000 tons/year cement production, is located in Eskişehir / İnönü, 350,000. After obtaining all the licenses at the end of the work that lasted approximately 2 years in an area of ​​m2, the construction works started in 2016, and the first trial production was carried out on 29.08.2017.

When the entire investment is completed, Eskişehir Cement Factory, which will have low energy consumption and state-of-the-art equipment in compliance with environmental legislation, will meet its raw material needs with zero transportation from its own sites.

Cement in compliance with TSE and EN standards, the production of which started on 01/03/2018, was offered for sale in the Aegean and Marmara Regions, especially in Eskişehir and its surroundings.

Company Management

Hasan Kupeli
Chairman Of The Board

Nadir Kupeli
Vice Chairman Of The Board

Emre Kupeli
Board Member

Nihat Demirci

Sezgin Diniz
Factory Manager




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Alpu Road 1. Km. No: 63
Eskisehir / Turkey
Phone: +90 222 217 17 17
Factory: Inonu / Eskisehir
Phone: +90 555 970 84 84


Alpu Road 1. Km. No: 63 Eskisehir / Turkey


+90 222 217 1717